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elmo rietschle G-Series Regenerative Blowers

Regenerative Blowers

Elmo Rietschle regenerative blowers (often referred to as side channel blowers) are available in a wide selection for performance ranges up to 1,766 cfm at 60 Hz and differential pressures of up to 420 in. H₂O. With flexibility and power, these blowers cover a variety of demanding applications.

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elmo rietschle Screw Vacuum Pumps

Screw Vacuum Pumps

The S-VSI screw vacuum pump (sizes 100 and 300 m3/hr) represents modern, state-of-the-art dry running vacuum technology that is not only extremely energy efficient and reliable but offers a low life cycle costs. It is used in a variety of industrial applications such as drying and packaging.

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elmo rietschle Liquid Ring pumps

Liquid Ring

Extreme conditions, which prevail in humid and wet processes, lead to lime scale or abrasion, and hence to a considerable reduction in the performance of the pump. Elmo Rietschle liquid ring pumps, however, meet these challenges.

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elmo rietschle V-Series Rotary Vane Pumps

Rotary Vane Pumps

Elmo Rietschle industrial dry running and oil lubricated rotary vane pumps cater for a wide performance range. The eco-friendly dry running rotary vane pumps are used for industrial vacuum, pressure and combined pressure and vacuum applications.  

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elmo rietschle R-Series Rotary Lobe Pumps

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Elmo Rietschle Rotary Lobe Pumps, are dry running positive displacement pumps. This means that there is no need for oil or grease in the compression chamber. Only the gearbox and bearings, which are separated from the pumping chamber, are oil lubricated. Two non contacting triple lobed rotary lobe rotors rotate against each other in the compression chamber. 

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elmo rietschle Claw Vacuum Pumps And Compressors

Claw Vacuum Pumps And Compressors

Elmo Rietschle C-Series dry claw vacuum pumps and claw air compressors of Elmo Rietschle generate contact-free vacuum or compressed air efficiently and economically. This is possible because of the principle of internal compression in the rotary claw design. The gas is pre-compressed within the compressing chamber and is then discharged.The Elmo Rietschle dry claw pumps offer significant energy saving and high efficiency compared to the traditional rotary lobe blower designs without internal compression. 

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