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Check this out!  Vsauce and Veritasium feat. Jenna Marbles @ YouTube FanFest Toronto call upon CompreVac for the loan of a vacuum pump for their demonstration!  Learn more about YouTube Fan Fest here.

U.S. magazine Newsweek analyzed the world’s 500 largest publicly-traded companies to gauge how they fare on the environment. Together with research partners Corporate Knights Capital and HIP Investors Inc., it looked at indicators such as energy and water use, greenhouse gas emissions and waste recycling. Atlas Copco ranked 11th in the world and highest in the industrial segment. Atlas Copco was also on the list last year. 


“Making innovative, energy-effective products and taking other steps to reduce the environmental impact is about business leadership,” said Mala Chakraborti, Atlas Copco’s Vice President Corporate Responsibility. “Our environmental targets are central to our business, and we are happy to be recognized for this.”


Atlas Copco’s innovative, energy-saving products include its variable-speed compressors, a technology that the Group pioneered in 1994 that enables compressors to run only at the speed necessary, cutting energy consumption. In 2013, Atlas Copco launched the patented VSD+ technology, which cuts energy use by more than half compared with traditional compressors. 


Earlier this year, Atlas Copco was among those recognized by the United Nations at the agency’s major conference on climate change for the Group’s goals to cut carbon dioxide from its products and operations. Atlas Copco was also this year recognized as one of the world’s most sustainable companies in the annual Global 100 list. 

Stockholm, Sweden, July 8, 2015


Atlas Copco, a leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, was listed as the top industrial company by the Newsweek Green Rankings that looks at corporate sustainability and environmental impact.

A Vacuum Cold Spray (VCS) system is a cutting-edge technology in the field of thin-film spray coatings. Unlike conventional methods of coating such as plasma spraying and thermal spraying, VCS operates at room temperature.  Moreover, this system is capable of applying thin-film coatings of solid state ceramics using a unique vacuum aerosol deposition method developed in Japan in recent years. The VCS system being developed by our team at Concordia University will be able to accelerate micro ceramic particles (100 times smaller than a human hair) to supersonic speeds to create a durable solid-state coating. 


The VCS’s supersonic particle velocity is achieved by using a sophisticatedly engineered converging-diverging nozzle, located inside of the vacuum chamber, combined with a CompreVac high-flow vacuum pump and booster as well as a fluidized bed aerosol generator. The prototype constructed in partnership with CompreVac and the Capstone team will allow university researchers to push the boundaries of next-generation thin-film coatings.

In the near future, VCS technology will be able to provide advanced coatings for the aerospace, automobile, microelectronics, and energy industries. Some of the foreseen advantages of VCS coatings include, but are not limited to: improved mechanical properties, improved corrosion resistance, thermal and scratch resistance, improved electrical conductivity, improved magnetic properties, adhesion and optical properties, and many more.


Please review the video clip above showing the CompreVac vacuum pump system.

Capstone: Vacuum Cold Spray

(1st Place Winner)

September 2015 – April 2016

Final year Capstone project


  • Advanced thin-film coating process of micro particles (ceramics)

  • Particles accelerated supersonically through a converging-diverging nozzle

  • Particle adhesion achieved through transfer of kinetic energy.

Marc Roche

Mechanical Engineering Graduate


Dave Lapointe

Actively seeking full time employment as Junior Mechanical Engineer


Stacey Smolash

Merchant Optimization Developer Intern at Shopify


Ali Heidari

4th Year Mechanical Engineering Student

The CompreVac engineering team design and built the vacuum pumping system for the Concordia University Capstone competition.  Details of the Concordia team are shown below.

The CompreVac engineering built this stainless steel wind tunnel for Concordia University. 

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