CompreVac is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Tan Delta oil monitoring equipment.


Tan Delta Systems Limited is a global leader in the development and supply of advanced oil condition monitoring technologies, products and systems.

Based in Sheffield, United Kingdom, their products are trusted by the world's leading industrial and commercial companies to monitor oil condition in real time across a broad variety of applications. Our products help them optimise equipment productivity, reduce operating costs, thereby remaining competitive in a global economy.

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Gearbox Monitoring Kit
Wanting to monitor the oil condition of your industrial gearbox in real time? The Tan Delta Gearbox Monitoring Kit allows you to quickly and simply install on virtually any gearbox.
Hydraulic Monitoring Kit
Maintaining your oil in optimum condition is made simple and easy by fitting the Tan Delta Hydraulic Monitoring Kit.
Engine Monitoring Kit
The Tan Delta Engine Monitoring Kit is the ideal solution for monitoring the condition of your lubricating oil in real time.
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Wind Turbine Monitoring
Ensuring the lubricating oil within a Wind Turbine gearbox is always in optimum condition is critical for reliable operation and longevity.
Work Boat Engines
Optimising the lubricating oil within your work boat engine will ensure long term reliable operation and enable you to service your equipment based only when required using its current condition as opposed to a historic time-based schedule.
Large Marine Engines
Making sure that your oil is always able to effectively and efficiently lubricate your engine is essential to maintaining optimum performance and reliability.
Generator Engines
Keeping your generator set in excellent working order relies on ensuring that the lubricating oil is always fit for purpose.
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Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx)
A live, highly flexible and cost effective condition based monitoring solution. Designed to be permanently mounted within any lubrication system and on any type of machine.
OQD Express (OQDe)
The OQD Express (OQDe) is the perfect partner for the Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx).
OQD Professional (OQDp)
The OQD Professional (OQDp) has the capability of displaying real time information about your oil condition from multiple sensors making it the ideal display when using multiple sensors on one piece of kit.
OQD Mobile (OQDm)
The OQD Mobile (OQDm) app can be downloaded onto your Android device to enable communication with our OQD Express (OQDe) unit via Bluetooth.
OQD Professional Hub
The OQD Professional Hub allows up to four sensors to be simultaneously connected to the OQD Professional (OQDp). Robust and simple to install.
Oil Quality Sensor, ATEX
The OQSx Ex II is ATEX Zone 2 certified, providing operators with unmatched real-time oil condition monitoring and equipment status insight, designed for deployment on equipment operating in hazardous areas.
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Combined Oil Quality Sensor and OQD
Combined Oil Quality Sensor and OQD gives you everything you need for a single installation using the Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx) and the OQD Express (OQDe) display.
OQD Professional Kit
The OQD Professional kit comes with an OQD Professional Display, OQD Professional Hub and Four OQSx Oil Quality Sensors as well as all of the necessary cables and software.
Mobile Oil Tester Kit
The Mobile Oil Tester (MOT) Kit enables you to quickly realise the benefits of the Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx). It has been designed to be very easy to use and it will give you an immediate view of the quality of the oil being sampled.
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