So you own and operate a marina in our amazing country.  Boating in the spring and summer and even the fall but in the winter?  No.


Winter is coming and sometimes it's fiercer than ever before.  So the boats are winterized and pulled out of the water onto the dry docks and trailers.


But what about all your docks?  Are they ready for the impending doom and gloom of the weather man?

Heaving ice floes and ice pressure buildup, can shift dock pilings or even lift them right out of their footings. By taking a few steps to winterize your dock before the lake freezes over, you can lengthen its life exponentially and protect your investment. 

So come the spring time, you're back at it earning a living and enjoying the joys of boating life.

But do you have the right equipment for ice prevention at your marina?  Got a compressor thumping away all day long trying to make air bubbles across the expanse of your dock area?  Yeh, you might have that, at best.


CompreVac specialize in water bubbling systems and not by plugging a compressor in the wall sourced from the local hardware store either.  You require something that is designed for exactly what you need.  15-20psi of low pressure efficient low cost air.  There are seven models to choose from ranging from  to 353CFM!

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Lake Huron dock anit ice systems

This single claw compressor, that's right, a claw compressor services the complete marina.  Through hundreds of feet of submerged piping, this pump runs 24/7 without the need for maintenance.


That's right, all day long without a care in the world.


Contact us today by clicking here to find out what you need for your marina and docks system!



Original Piston Type Air Compressor Cost for January 2015 

7759kW Used at a cost of $1145.15


New Rietschle Claw Compressor Cost for January 2016

4661kW Used at a cost of $779.57


3098kW saved in only one month!

Marina Spile Protection Energy Cost Comparison


How many piles do you need to protect?  Let’s assume that you have 200 piles, (or spiles).   You will need to run a 1.5” flexible polyurethane tube from the compressor to each spile.  A 1/16” hole drilled into the pipe is required at each spile.  Each spile will consume 1CFM of compressed air.

Total Compressed Air Requirement = 200CFM.

A conventional compressor will produce the air, (Piston or Rotary Screw) at 100 – 125psi. This means that you will require a 50HP compressor to feed the 200 spiles.  50HP is equal to 37kW.

Take a look at your electricity bill.  Divide the final dollar value on your invoice by the total kilowatts used.  Depending on where you are located you will be paying between 20 to 35 cents per Kilowatt Hour.  So lets assume that you are paying only 20 cents per kW.  This means that for every 1kW of Motor Power run for 1 Hour, you are paying 20 cents. 

  • If your compressor is, (50HP) 37Kw x 0.20 = $7:40 per Hour.

  • So you run your compressor for 5 months, non-stop throughout the winter.  That’s 105 days.

  • 105 days x 24 hours = 2,520 hours @ $7.40 per Hour = $18,648.00 per Winter.

You can beat the cost by installing a Rietschle DLR Low Pressure Compressor from CompreVac Inc.  One of the models of DLR produces 212 cfm of compressed air at 14.5 psi, (instead of over 100 psi).  


  • The DLR-300 Motor is only (15HP) or 11.2kW.

  • 11.2Kw x 0.20 = $2.24 per Hour.

  • 105 days x 24 hours = 2,520 hours @ $2.24 per Hour = $5,644.80.

  • You Save $13,003.00 per Year One.

Electricity Prices are due to Double in 3 Years in Ontario!!!  Up to 50% of the Investment could be provided by a Save on Energy Rebate  

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