CompreVac has been supplying a complete range of low pressure compressors for such industries and applications as follows:


  • Water Aeration

  • Printing Presses

  • Sheet Separation

  • Leaflet and Brochure Production

Serving Ontario and Canada since 1975 with our base in Mississauga, on the west side of Toronto, CompreVac has one of the largest low pressure compressor distribution centers in Ontario.  CompreVac is an authorized distributor for Elmo Rietschle Rotary Vane Compressors, Thomas Vane Pumps and Compressors, Gardner Denver and Welch.


This complete supplier base enables us to offer a whole host of pump technologies such as rotary vane, screw and regenerative or side channel blowers for supply across Ontario and the rest of Canada.


Please select your product requirement from the options below.  If you need something you don't see here or require technical assistance, please contact us at sales@comprevac.com

V-DTA Series
Dry running vane compressors. Capacities from 34.1 to 51.7 cfm. Pressure to 22psi for continuous operation and up to 32psi bar for intermittent operation. High efficiency and silent operation. Sound cover allows ducted cooling air outlet either from one side or from both.
V-DTE Series
Small, dry running rotary vane compressors. Compact design, easy to install. Very low noise level, corrosion-proof rotors. Hose connector, inlet silencer and pressure relief valve fitted as standard. Capacities from 3.5 to 12 m³/hr (2.1 to 7.1 cfm), pressure up to 1 bar.
V-DTN Series
Dry running vane compressor with integral air filter. Sound cover reduces noise level, enhances cooling and protects operator from hot surfaces. Flexible connections possible, low pulsation and maintenance. Capacities ranging from 110.0 to 30.7CFM, pressure to 15psi.
V-DTR Series
Dry running vane compressor with bearings. Flange motor with flexible coupling. Capacities from 58.8 to 90cfm. Pressure up to 22psi for continuous operation and up to 32psi for intermittent operation. Sound cover allows a ducted cooling air outlet.
C-DLR Claw Pump
High efficiency, dry and contact-free compression claw compressor with capacities ranging from 35.3 to 353CFM. Pressure up to 32psi at continuous operation. Low maintenance, integrated air cooling without additional cooling medium and suitable for multiple applications.
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