2014 Collegiate Sell Sheet
2014 to 2047 Manual
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DryFast Collegiate Diaphragm Pump

Product Details

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Oil-Free

  • Tuneable Vacuum


Suggested Applications

  • Replace Water Aspirator

  • Rotary Evaporator

  • Vacuum Filtration


Welch DryFastTM PTFE Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps enable precise vacuum control for organic evaporations with exclusive Advanced Vapor Management (AVM). Oil-Free, portable, chemical resistant, 1 head diaphragm design simplifies maintenance. Choose from seven dry PTFE vacuum pump models with flows up to 70 L / min and adjustable vacuum down to 2 Torr. Economical DryFastTM vacuum pumps are perfect for tough lab applications.

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