DIRECTORR® Direct Drive Pumps

Product Details

  • Deep Vacuum

  • Portable with small footprint

  • Vacuum to 1 X 10-4 Torr


Suggested Applications

  • Centrifugal Concentrators

  • Vacuum Ovens

  • Freeze Dryers


Welch Direct-Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps achieve vacuum levels down to 1x10-4 torr (0.1 micron) with flows up to 11.3 CFM. These compact, portable oil-seal pumps are recommended for a variety of laboratory applications. Vacuum system configuration with a cold trap is recommended for use with harsh chemicals. Direct drive pumps are not recommended for filtration, aspiration, drying electrophoresis gels, or other applications requiring sustained operation above 30 torr.

DIRECTORR Direct Drive Pumps
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