Regenerative Blowers G-BH100 Series

Volume flow

  • 21 to 35 m³/hr

  • 12.4 to 20.6 CFM

With a height and width of approx. 125 mm and a depth of approx. 60 mm, the G-BH1 00 blowers have the size of a CD and are the smallest gas ring vacuum compressors available on the market. Furthermore, the adjustable volume flow of the machines ensures that only the exact performance required is actually being supplied - not more.

These blowers are employed primarily in fine mechanical and medical technology applications. With their robust and built-to-last design, they are also used in other industries such as mechanical engineering.

The G-BH1 00 is driven via an electronically commuted DC motor. This guarantees a high level of efficiency and maintenance-free operation for more than 20,000 operating hours. The operating electronics are a standard feature of the machines which allow infinitely variable control of speed and output of the blower.

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