Summer is Here - Are Your Dryers Working for You?
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Microorganism growth in compressed air!
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Clean, Dry Air – Makes Your Operation More Productive

Compressing air creates heat and concentrates water and other contaminates. These must be removed for efficient use in an industrial compressed air system. Clean, dry air allows pneumatic instruments, valves, and controls to operate reliably, keeps pneumatic equipment running at peak efficiency, and extends the service life of air tools, motors, and cylinders. Dry air also helps ensure product and process quality.  


ATLAS COPCO FD Regrigerant Dryers
Incorporating unique, patented technological innovations and extra energy-saving options, Atlas Copco’s FD refrigerant dryers provide you with the clean, dry air you are in need of to expand the life of your equipment and ensure the quality of your end product.

ATLAS COPCO FX Regrigerant Dryers
The FX range of refrigerant dryers offer a reliable, cost effective and simple solution. To avoid condensation and therefore all chance of corrosion and damage, the compressed air needs to be dried, which is exactly what the FX units are designed to do. These simple reliable units remove water from the air and the risk from your system, ensuring that your money doesn’t just disappear into the air.

Refrigerated Dryers
Desiccant Dryers
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Atlas Copco’s CD heatless desiccant air dryers are designed for a long lifetime of reliable operation. Using only compressed air as a purge, they provide you with the clean, dry air you need to extend the life of your equipment and ensure the quality of your end product. They are available in a range of sizes with a pressure dewpoint as low as -40°C/-40°F, and come in an IP54 protected cubicle.

Customer benefits

  • Reliability – Atlas Copco’s CD desiccant dryers eliminate system failures, production downtime and costly repairs by removing moisture from compressed air with a pressure dewpoint as low as -40°C/-40°F. 

  • Reduced energy costs – Optimally sized pipes and valves ensure a limited pressure drop. Options are available to increase the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of your CD dryer. 

  • Space-saving – The CD’s all-in-one design leads to a small footprint, saving valuable space in your facility. 

  • Efficient control – The control system – fitted in an IP54 cubicle for easy cabling and safety – ensures proper operation of your CD dryer. 

  • Low maintenance – Delivered ready for use, installation of your CD dryer is straightforward, cutting costly production downtime. All internal components are easily accessible to facilitate maintenance. The use of high-grade desiccant and high-quality valves results in three-year maintenance intervals.


Atlas Copco’s CD 1-22 Series

Designed, built and tested to meet the toughest conditions in the compressor room and at point-of-use applications.  Non-return valves and purge orifices are built into the polycarbonate cartridges. The extrusions are made from aluminium to prevent corrosion Each desiccant cartridge includes an integrated after-filter, which saves space, simplifies installation and decreases the chance of leaks through fittings and connections. Working pressures up to 16 bar(g) and temperatures up to 50°C.  Flow rates to 47CFM.

Atlas Copco’s CD 32-190 Series

Well designed pipes and valves for operating stability and efficiency as well as a limited pressure drop.  Filled with high-performance desiccant for a stable dewpoint of -40°C/-40°F (working pressure 4 to 14.5 bar(e)/58 to 210 psig) Flow rates to 403CFM.

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click image to download data sheet
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Atlas Copco’s CD & BD Dryer Series

High adsorption silica gel desiccant needs less reactivation energy than other drying agents.  2-layer desiccant bed; a water-resistant bottom layer protects the high-performing top layer.  Pressure dewpoint of -40°C/-40°F as standard (-70°C/-100°F as option). Up to 30% extra desiccant overfill to deliver consistent performance.

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Summer is Here - Are Your Dryers Working for You?

The What

The most common compressed air dryer technology is the refrigerated air dryer.  All air will contain some moisture content, and as you know from experience on a hot muggy day you can actually feel that higher than normal moisture content.  An air compressor will naturally transfer any and all moisture into your compressed air system.  This can be problematic for a number of reasons, particularly if you are in an industry that requires specific moisture content.  When an air dryer is either poorly sized or not functioning properly its ability to remove the moisture from the compressed air is compromised, and you may have more moisture being introduced than you should have or can allow based on your process.


The Why

A typical requirement is to reduce microorganism growth within a compressed air system.  With high levels of moisture a compressed air system can be an absolute breathing ground for all types of bacteria to grow.  These microorganism will of course be introduced into your work space/atmosphere as soon as compressed air is released, causing a potential health hazard in the workplace.  And in cases where aluminum piping is not used moisture will cause the compressed air piping to rust, this will provide an increased cost to your compressed air system by means of shrinking the internal diameter of your compressed air piping from the inside and compromising its ability to allow efficient compressed air flow.  This flow restriction will cause pressure drop which will result in additional energy demand at point of generation in order to adequately supply end use.  Both are examples that can be either mitigated or avoiding entirely through the use of a correctly sized air dryer which is able to effectively remove the required amount of moisture from your compressed air system.


Old air dryers may not be up to performance any more.  As refrigerated air dryers age they will of course require refrigeration service by means of refrigerant top off.  Your current air dryer may not actually be performing as expected, and the summer is the perfect time to check in and make sure that it can actually handle the demand.  CompreVac is also here to help in regards to service, feel free to call our service department should you need to have an air dryer looked at or evaluated as well.


The Solution

Atlas Copco has both a non-cycling series as well as a line of Smart cycling air dryer available, which are better able to help save energy and provide a faster return on investment when compared to traditional non-cycling technology.  The FD smart cycling series is able to achieve this by varying its working cycle to match your actual air drying demand.  This type of air dryer can provide you with confidence of knowing that you are not wasting unnecessary energy to dry your compressed air while also ensuring that your air dryer can match demand. 


Give us a call and speak to an expert to learn more about which type of air dryer is right for you or let us know if you have any questions that we can answer!

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