Whether you require compressed air, precision vacuum or simply an air filter or a pail of oil, CompreVac is your one stop source where those needs may be met at the most economical price. CompreVac has been providing quality products and service since 1975.

There are many reasons why our customers choose CompreVac: 

  • Long history of product and application know-how

  • Capability to source and provide service for any product

  • Unmatched range of world class products represented

  • Highly knowledgeable and technical staff and engineers

  • In house technical support and service

  • Large inventory of products, parts and consumables

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the support needed to meet your compressed air or vacuum pump requirements. We provide technical partnership to develop design custom packages in our in manufacturing workshop. 

We recognize that the strength of our company is inherently linked to ensuring our customers' needs and by delivering, with every transaction, honesty and integrity. 

The staff at CompreVac has a commitment to excellence and an objective to exceed your expectations. Our highly knowledgeable personnel are only one call or email away. One Stop Shopping for all your compressed and vacuum air needs. 

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Giving Back to Our Community

air compressors, vacuum pumps, mississauga, ontario, gta, canada

From our President

January 2nd 2020

Ethical Value Statement


CompreVac will make every effort to ensure that all that we do on behalf of our customers is transparent, ethical and honest.


Pricing of materials and equipment will reflect current international exchange rates and prevailing wholesale purchase prices.  Pricing will be centrally controlled and selling above stated values is prohibited.


All CompreVac employees are expected to provide honest and accurate statements regarding materials used, hours worked and kilometers driven.


CompreVac will conduct its business affairs impartially, with integrity with regard to environmental, ethical and moral standards.

CompreVac will not seek competitive advantages through illegal or unethical business practices.  Each director, officer and employee will endeavor to deal fairly with employees, customers, vendors, service providers and competitors.


No director, officer or employee will take advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privilege, misrepresentation of material or facts.


We recognize that the environment is a precious resource for our children and will take every precaution to ensure that our endeavors will have minimal impact on plants, wildlife, water and air.  We further promise to protect Mother Nature at all costs.   


From our President

January 2nd 2020

Vision Statement.


We believe that God is the primary and great employer and we will endeavor to ensure that all we do reflects our obligations to His ultimate authority.


We believe it is the right of every individual, customer, employee or supplier to be treated with respect, with honesty and dignity.


Integrity is a core component of every transaction we undertake.

We believe that it is our duty to identify the correct product for the task and to provide our goods and services at a reasonable price.


We will endeavor to pursue excellence in our products and services and in all things that we are called upon to provide.


We are not isolated travelers in space.  Our business is based upon forging long lasting and effective partnerships with our suppliers and customers.  When you need us, we will be there.  



From our President
Decemeber 31st 2015

How Should We Measure Success?


How should we measure success today?  Is it logical to make the assumption that the larger the organization, the more successful they must be.  Therefore; we must assume also that they deliver a better quality product or service.  I don’t think so!  I am sure that our moderate company is a contradiction to that belief.  We are not a huge conglomerate nevertheless; we have served our customers effectively for the past 45 years.  We constantly strive to achieve a level of excellence.
It is too easy to measure an organization by how big it has grown.  The trouble with this thinking is that it suggests that Growth is a Destination.  On the other hand, Quality is a Journey.

At CompreVac, we have a strong and inherent culture based on old fashioned ideals such as Honesty and Value for Money, also a strong desire to Provide the Best Possible Service.

So how can you recognize great quality and customer service in a modest sized business that is not a conglomerate?  The answer is simple.  Just ask them who their customers are and how long have they been supplying goods and services?  CompreVac has a long list of customers all over Canada,  that have been trusting us to supply them with vacuum and compressed air equipment and services for as long as 40 years or more.

Integrity means that if you come to us and seek advice, we will select the most appropriate equipment, parts, lubricants or services that meet your specific requirements.  We do not select on the basis of what is simply in inventory at that moment in time, or because some unseen corporate shareholders want to maximize their returns by favoring product ‘A’ over product ‘B’.

Finally; we should consider after sales support.  How often have you called that big company to try and resolve an issue on a Friday afternoon and been forced to listen to that dreaded voicemail that tells you that your contact is unavailable for several days?  Big business is not flexible and certainly not focused on you.  At CompreVac, we are large enough to have 24/7 resources and small enough to care.  Our people will show you that we value every phone call and every email.  Why not try CompreVac?     


It has been an exciting and wild ride, however; over the past 45 years, CompreVac has evolved from a small 2 person air compressor parts supplier, to become one of the most significant specialist companies of its kind.  CompreVac is now the largest Compressed Air and Vacuum Pump Sales, Service, Repair, Maintenance and Parts Supplier in Canada.


Looking back over 40 years, CompreVac was formed at the same time as Petro Canada.  In 1975 the Vietnam War ended and the CN Tower was completed April 2nd. A Chevrolet Caprice would have set you back $4,819 and your Ford Mustang was $4,105.  New York avoided bankruptcy as Gerald Ford arranged a $2.3B loan.  The average income was $14,100 when the Suez Canal finally opened, following the 6 Day War.  The CBC FM became CBC Stereo and the Edmund Fitzgerald sank.  TV cameras were allowed into Parliament for the first time and the wearing of seat belts became mandatory.  Finally; Environment Canada switched to Degrees Celsius. 

Despite this gratifying achievement, we can still look back and treasure the memories of those modest and humble beginnings, working out of small garage just like those guys in silicone valley!  Of course, we never forget that none of this would have been possible without our fantastic long term and loyal customers.  Today, we are grateful for those treasured memories and thankful that we live a much better life and operate from much more adequate facilities.  In surpassing over 45 years as an Ontario business, experiencing all the ups and downs of a modern economy such as ours, we have proved that we know a few things about the needs of our customers and the requirements for a speedy professional response.  You too can benefit from the experience of our knowledge.  Why not give us a call.  You will always be greeted with a friendly voice and an eagerness to solve your problem.    

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