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Marina Bubbler Systems - Protect against Ice!

CompreVac specialize in water bubbling systems and not by plugging a compressor in the wall sourced from the local hardware store either.  You require something that is designed for exactly what you need.  15-20psi of low pressure efficient low cost air.  There are seven models to choose from ranging from  to 353CFM!

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As one of the largest stocking warehouses of Summit oils CompreVac has every oil you need for your compressed air installation. 


Summit Industrial Products’ focus is on producing the highest quality lubricants and backing them with uncompromising customer service and warranty. Summit is  recognized as an industry leader in synthetic lubricant technology and our line of over 200 products can service almost any industrial application.


For 30 years, Summit has functioned on the premise that our success is based wholly on the success of those who use our products. Because of that, they are constantly evaluating new base stocks and additives to provide CompreVac customers with the best lubricants technically available. Let us know how we can help you succeed.

How to avoid microorganisms in compressed air?

Hygiene sensitive applications as used in food and beverage companies are trying to reduce the risk of microorganism growth in the final product and therefore also eliminate potential sources of contamination by utilities like compressed air. 
Food companies nowadays are rightfully concerned about food safety. Read more

CompreVac has been supplying a complete range of compressed air equipment in Ontario since 1975.  

Based in Mississauga, on the west side of Toronto, CompreVac has one of the largest compressor distribution centers in Ontario.  CompreVac is an authorized distributor for Atlas Copco products including air compressors, air dryers and air filters and oil water separators.

Find out more about the Atlas Copco Range here


Centralized vacuum systems are used in industrial facilities that require continuously high quality vacuum for various production applications.  The system shown here was recently delivered to an automated packaging facility in Ontario.  They have three robotic cells that were each using a single vacuum pump.  These pumps ran continuously and incurred an significant energy cost as well as demanded an ongoing maintenance schedule.

The system supplied above managed to reduce their energy use by about 70% and in doing so this system has a very strong ROI (return on investment).

Do you believe you could benefit from an centralized vacuum system?  Let us know and we will be happy to assess your existing set up FREE OF CHARGE.

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Centtralized Vacuum System


Largest stock of regenerative air blowers in the GTA.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you decrease energy costs and maximize efficiency.

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atlas copco nitrgen and oxygen gas generators
atlas copco nitrgen and oxygen gas generators

Check out our new page on Atlas Copco gas generators.  See the savings you can make on the cost calculator.  Click here to find out more.

Atlas Copco Compressors

All the compressed air you'll ever need available locally from your compressed air and vacuum experts at CompreVac Inc.

Introducing the CycloBlower VHX — A World First Blower Technology


  • ​Patented, highly-efficient 3×5 variable helix screw rotor profile 

  • Food-grade PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) coated rotors 

  • 3 discharge port designs matches the most efficient performance to your application requirements

  • High pressure capability up to 36 psi

  • O-ring sealing

  • Helical Timing Gears

  • Unique Dual Splash Lubrication with eccentric slinger ring

  • Force Feed Lubrication optional for applications under 20 psi, required for applications over 20 psi 

  • Inpro/Seal Premium Oil Seals 

  • Mechanical Seals also available for gas applications

  • Piston Ring or Graphite Air Seals

  • Robust Ductile Iron Shaft

  • Available as bare blower for upgrading existing packages

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Buy compressed air products and vacuum equipment online at our store,  Click here for savings today!

New Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
application video

The combination of a quality air package, unmatched energy savings, low noise level and full range of optional equipment makes the generation of GA VSD units the compressors for the millennium, giving the customer the flexibility he requires to tailor a compressor to match his exact requirements. Find out more here

air compressors online, vacuum pumps, compressor oil buy online

Buy compressed air products and vacuum equipment online at our store,  Click here for savings today!

New Engineering Project by CompreVac
Vacuum Cold Spray at Concordia University

Consultation, design and build by CompreVac, this system offers a true representation of the capabilities of the CompreVac Systems Division.


For more information, click here.

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